Tom Rush was a founding member of the Knights.

From a very humble sharecropping background in Mississippi, yet always a naturally gifted athlete, Tom Rush proved much more than an Olympic level champion as he proved he could run faster than any one else. Rush became a celebrity as he broke every speed record known. In the press he was billed, "The fastest man alive!"

The government took an interest in him. They convinced him to join in some adventurous missions and top secret programs, wherein he met the likes of Supreme Commander and Captain Redeagle. Under government urging, Tom Rush followed Supreme Commander's example and underwent scientific experimentation. Through a classified process, Tom Rush's powers were enhanced. Now super-strong, he was clocked running as fast as the fastest animals. Tom Rush had arrived at superherodom.

He eagerly joined in the founding of the superhero team the Knights in 1940. He loved being part of the team and felt all these friends were part of a family. Always trusting in the good of the people, he refusing to take a codename or "hide behind a mask." Tom Rush was the most public and enthusiastic member of the team. The press took to calling him "the cheerleader."

Tom Rush served proudly until 1945, when the entire team went on hiatus following the lost of several members in an atomic bomb blast at the end of World War II. Rush himself felt guilty for not being on the B-17 Eagle air plane which the Crimson Dragon stole. He thought with his super-speed he may have been able to stop the villain where the others had failed. The guilt was crushing, but after heavy soul-searching for several months, he decided the team and their mission were too important to give up on despite the tragedy. Tom Rush then traveled the globe counseling former members and recruiting new ones and helped reform the Knights with a new lineup. He served as Leader for the entire first year, but then turned the post back over to Supreme Commander when he recovered from his depression, because Rush felt he was just a "temporary placeholder and not the team's true leader." However, the Knights have always acknowledged their deep debt and gratitude to Tom Rush for pulling them through this dark time. Dr. Darke, in his mystical way of granting thanks, cast an anti-aging spell on Rush.


Tom Rush is superstrong and can run at speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

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