Talon is a superhero and founding member of the team The New Knights.

Talon is Kai Redeagle, the great-grandson of the famous Knights founder, Captain Redeagle. He is one of the younger generation of family members now sitting on the Executive Board of the Redeagle Foundation, which is a multibillion dollar technological research laboratory and educational charity. Kai has his grandfather's flair for invention and love of aviation.

Kai has created a hitech, winged, jet-propelled flight suit, the Eagle-X. This suit is armored for defensive purposes and to protect Redeagle at supersonic speeds, and equipped with titanium claws for offensive purposes. Utilizing the Eagle-X suit, Kai operates under the codename Talon.

Though he was operating in the Western USA prior to this, Talon answered Solar Queen's call for help when she was rebuilding the Knights following the Darke Day of destruction. Redeagle supplies much needed financial and technological support to the team.