Brent Stamper was born just after World War II and was raised on several military bases all over the world. His father, a high-ranking general, always hoped that Brent would follow in his footsteps. Brent was a large kid, far bigger than his peers, but never had dreams of becoming a soldier.

When he was seventeen, Brent decided he wanted to leave the base behind and go out on his own. His father, heartbroken by his son's betrayal, immediately signed him up for an experimental drug trial that was designed to create the world's most powerful soldiers. Brent was tricked into taking the drugs by his father, but the trial didn't go as planned. The drugs made Brent grow even larger and stronger, but his bones were unable to support his new size. He was left crippled and miserable, and hidden away by his father to avoid negative press.

Brent, a life-long tinkerer, developed a complicated exoskeleton for his legs and slowly built himself up, eventually turning himself into the lethal fighter his father had dreamed about. The experiments left him incredibly strong and resilient, and with his exoskeleton he was able to increase his mobility.

Brent (who started going by Stamper shortly after) broke out of the care facility he'd be locked in and returned to his hometown of Queen City. There, he was recruited into Omega 8.