Sloe is a member of The New Knights.

He was born a werewolf in Scotland around 900 A.D. Being a pure-blood he is able to transform at will and stay in complete control of himself except for nights with a full moon. He has incredible speed and heightened senses. 

After a falling out with his pack family he hopped on a boat and made his way to the colonies in the 1600's. There he lived alone until one night during the full moon he attacked a British soldier. The soldier survived the attack and thus became Sloe's first "son." Together they selected and turned a number of "worthy" colonists. Sloe and his new pack settled in a small valley not far from what would eventually become Queen City, calling themselves The Founders. After a century, Sloe had another falling out with the gang and set out to find his own way.

He fell off the radar and not much is known about this period in his life. However he did return to Queen City in the 1960's with a new outlook on life. As a werewolf, he was seen as evil by the community at large and kept his true nature a secret and changed his name every couple of decades to try and avoid the wrong kind of attention.

Using his heightened senses to his advantage he became a bounty hunter to earn a living. After the events of Darke Day and the destruction of the Knights, he was asked to join the New Knights by Matriarch herself.