Serpentina is a member of the Knights.

Her past is unknown, though she claims her first name truly is Tina and that her mutant powers manifested early and her bizarre looks caused her much trouble. She was shunned and bullied and apparently moved a lot. In survival, she turned to circus life and petty crime. It was years later, after a chance meeting with Tom Rush of the Knights, that she began to see her self-worth and chose a new, more heroic path.

Sepentina has joined the roster of the Knights twice. The first time was for about a year, though she quit in doubt as to her worthiness to serve alongside living legends. Then several years later she returned to the team. She has been an active member for the last three years.

Following the destruction of the Knights headquarters and demonic invasion of Earth on Darke Day, Serpentina joined the rest of the Knights in Hell. She voluntarily remained behind fighting the demon lord Dhrell in order to give Dr. Darke time to seal the portal between dimensions. Her current status is listed as MIA.


Serpentina is able to stretch and constrict her body at will. She has scaly skin and no hair.