Mitchell Merk, better known as Mercury, is a superhero based in Queen City. He worked independently for most of his career, until approached by the Montag Corporation to join Omega 8 just after his 30th birthday. He is known for his incredible speed and strength, as well as the fires that result from his abilities.

Merk gained his powers during his youth, while attending the Northeast Science Academy. He, along with many of his peers, underwent dangerous genetic testing at the Academy. The government eventually realized what was happening and shut them down, and Merk was left without a home.

Frightened by his abilities, Merk kept them hidden as best he could. He became a mechanic in the small town of Chester, and tried his best to forget what had happened to him. His life settled into routine for a few years, until the supervillain called Wretch came into Chester looking for him. Wretch had also developed powers at Northeast, but the abilities had driven him mad. Merk, in order to save the town, fought the evil man off. Realizing his powers allowed him to help those in peril, Merk became Mercury.

Mercury was the first young hero approached for The Omega Project, after Alan Varley was asked to build the team. Mercury became Omega 8's second-in-command, and often acted as the leader in Varley's stead.