M. Possible is a member of the Knights.

Aida Khouri was born in Marseilles, France. Little is known about her past other than she was the daughter of French Algerians and seems to have been gifted with amazing powers since birth. She often says it derives from her father and his clan, though she has never explained what that means. In her early career she often acted as a magician, Arabic genie, or gypsy. In time she developed the persona Madame Possible, abbreviated M. Possible, and began working as a European/Mediterranean superhero, usually based in Paris. Khouri knows and has teamed up with the famed older French adventurer Legionnaire. Over the years, as their paths crossed, she also shared several adventures with the Knights. M. Possible officially joined the Knights five years ago and moved to Queen City, USA.

After Darke Day, she journeyed with the team to hell to repel the demon invasion of Earth. M. Possible was among the Knights who voluntarily stayed behind in the hellish dimension to combat Dhrell and his demonic hordes, while the rest of the team returned to Earth and Dr. Darke sealed the portal between the realms, effectively trapping them. Her current fate is unknown.

Powers: M. Possible has the ability to bend reality to her will. She apparently can warp reality and "make wishes come true" or change outcomes. The full extent of her powers are unknown, though she has altered walls to make doors appear, won losing fights my making opponents trip and fall or knock themselves out, and often picks up random objects or assorted junk and turns them into needed functional devices or weapons on the spot.