Lazer Punk is a superhero and founding member of The New Knights.

Alyra Sowa was born in the year 3511, in what became known as Seizure City. She was a soldier, born and raised to join the Human Army in their fight against the Invaders, a mysterious and powerful force from space. Because of her close proximity to the war throughout her life, she became hardened and unforgiving and rose to prominence in the armed forces.

After years of battling, Alyra was pulled through a black hole while fighting Valkilmer, the leader of the Invaders. They were seperated as they passed through the wormhole, and she found herself thrown backwards in time. Returning to Earth, she began to operate as a superhero, doing her best to strengthen humanity and keep herself in fighting shape in case Valkilmer ever returned. She adopted the name Lazer Punk after criminals began to refer to her as such.

Alyra met Jack Walton just after her return to Earth, and the two became very good friends. They joined The New Knights together a year after Darke Day.