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The Knights Tower was located in downtown Queen City. It was the iconic headquarters of the Knights, the Earth's premiere superhero team.

Knights Tower as a concept originated in the 1960s with Tom Rush. While he was rebuilding the team and serving as Leader, he decided they needed a permanent, symbolic headquarters. Though Rush's original concept was to have a literal castle tower, the team opted for a futuristic "skyneedle" design that Captain Redeagle proposed. It was completed a year later with monies and an architectural firm supplied by the Redeagle Foundation.

The Knights Tower became the legendary symbol for the team that Tom Rush hoped it would. It was often used as backdrop to news stories, on postcards and skyline images of Queen City, and even appeared in several films.

The Tower was destroyed during Darke Day by the demon lord Dhrell. It has been replaced by a gaping pit that was the dimensional portal to the hell dimension, opened by Dr. Darke. The pit appears bottomless, though it is actually a dimensional portal. Currently, the pit it sealed by the glowing magical energy glyph of Dr. Darke. An intense darkness, rumored to be a part of Dr. Darke, emamates from the pit and creates a permanent night-like zone surrounding the pit.