Knightron is an android. His technical version name is K86. He is a member of the Knights.

The latest version of Knightron was created by the Redeagle Foundation over a period of thirty years, beginning in the mid-1980s. He was originally conceived by Johnathan Redeagle in World War II as an automated fighting robot, the prototype of an entire mechanized future army to help fight the specter of Fascism. However, despite Captain Redeagle's technical proowess, Knightron was never very viable or powerful. All early versions of Knightron were destroyed in various adventures. When Captain Redeagle perished at the end of World War II, any plans for Knightron were put on hold.

As head of the Foundation and enamored with his father's designs and plans, Redeagle's son revived the Knightron concept in the 1970s. King Energy offered to buy the "failed" prototypes at this time for exorbitant amounts, but Redeagle refused to sell. He had faith he would eventually find a way to make his father's dreams come alive. In apparent retribution, King Energy attempted a hostile takeover of the Redeagle Foundation, but this venture failed. The Knightron Project floundered for a decade until technological advances in the 1980s made it very possible. Though vastly different in capabilities, the current version of Knightron still retains the classic "Medieval Knight in Shining Armor" visual design of Captain Redeagle. Some yellow press rags (owned by King Energy) claim Knightron is an "empty suit of armor" and a failed Redeagle PR campaign fantasy. Despite their claims of failure, Knightron has repeatedly shown himself to be extremely powerful and valuable.

Since Darke Day, Knightron has largely remained posted downtown in the Darke Zone using his advanced sensors to monitor the Seal and guard against any future invasion. As an artificial being, Knightron does not need sleep or substanence and hence can remain at vigil indefinitely. Since he also has no emotions and stands spectrally in the Darke for days on end without moving, some kids call him the Ghost Knight or the Darke Knight.