Huntsman is a member of the Knights.

Connor Westwood is a native of the very small village of Asheton who grew up exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains. An avid hunter, he also participated with his family of artisans in the local Renaissance Faire each year. After graduating, he joined the military and spent two decades overseas. Sometime during this period he volunteered to take part in secret Pentagon experiments. He came out of the process with heightened senses, speed, and strength. After retiring from the Army, he returned to the Queen City area. Wanting a civilian life, yet always an expert marksman and avid hunter, he continued his trade as a freelance bounty hunter.

His skill made him a law enforcement legend and brought him to the attention of Supreme Commander. The Knights hired him and utilized his talent on several missions and eventually convinced him to join the team.

Huntsman was caught in the middle of Dr. Darke's attempts to close the portal to Hell. He made it to Earth before the portal closed fully, but the experience left him nearly crippled. Over the next year he built his way back to fighting shape, but returned to his home in the mountains to put everything that happened behind him.

Because of his injuries, Huntsman relies on a band of expert hunters, called the Hounds, to help him.


Huntsman has superhuman strength, endurance, and reflexes. His senses are heightened, the equivalent of a wild animal. Westwood is an expert with any weapon, but he prefers the crossbow or other medieval style weapons he has employed since childhood.