Entanglement is a member of the Knights.

Entaglement is Abby Wallace. A former employee of King Energy's nuclear division, she was caught in the infamous meltdown at King's Island Nuclear Power Plant fifteen years ago. She was in a coma for almost ten years, kept alive by King Energy largely due to a press campaign that dubbed her the "Sleeping Beauty of King's Island." When she finally revived it was discovered the event somehow caused a mutation in her cells.

As she learned how to harness her newfound powers, King Energy lay claim to them and her. They claimed she was now their property since the accident occurred at work on their property and had caused her mutation. King Energy tried to force her into service on one of their secret teams of superhumanly powered operatives. She refused and struck out on her own. Several years later, after numerous encounters with the team on missions and a growing mutual respect, she ended up joining the Knights.

After the events of Darke Day, Entanglement journeyed with the rest if the Knights into Hell. She volunteered to remain behind to help defeat Dhrell and his legions.


She has a quantum ability to cast energy fields around people or objects, which interfere with their ability to move or perform activities, thus act as nets or snares.