Dr. Darke is one of the founding members of the Knights superhero team.

Dr. Johnathan Darke is considered the foremost practitioner of magic and the occult on Earth. His past is unknown though he claims to have been a mage since the Middle Ages, and researchers have found seemingly authentic references to him in Medieval texts, the majority of which are from England. He is thus believed to be British by birth. Through spells or other means, Darke seems to be immortal, stuck in appearance at a middle age in life.

Dr. Darke is the father of Shadowthief.

Perhaps feeling his age, Dr. Darke decided to open the portal to Hell and engage his old arch-nemesis, the powerful demonic overlord Dhrell. This date is now known as the Darke Day. Believing he could destroy Dhrell on his own proved a tragic miscalculation, and while Darke was locked in fierce battle with the hordes of Hell, Dhrell used the portal to launch a fullscale invasion of Earth. The Knights Tower was destroyed by Dhrell.

The Knights came to the rescue of their teammate.

Dr. Darke apparently sacrificed himself to seal the portal he opened between Earth and Hell. A massive glowing energy glyph now covers the portal and emanates a darkness in the heart of Queen City.

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