Cybernetic Genome G6, known more commonly as Cynome, is a fully sentient android developed and built by the Montag Corporation. The G6 model was the last ever released, and remains the only model ever to be considered successful.

The Cynome project was started in 1969 by the British Ministry of Defence, which saw it as an opportunity to fully eliminate the need for human soldiers in battle. The project became far too costly for the Ministry to justify, and by 1980 all work had ceased. During the Ministry's decade of work, two models were released: the Generation One and the Generation Two, neither of which were ever fully functioning.

After several dormant years, the research was bought by Lewis Montag, a American entrepreneur who had found success in the growing technologies market. The Montag Corporation, headquartered in Queen City, re-purposed the Cynome Project and began developing the androids as superheroes, based on the Knights who had also settled in the city. The G3, G4, and G5 models (known as Maia, Theia, and Rhea respectively) were all produced concurrently, based on new designs by Montag himself. The models were fully functioning but were found to be unpredictable and uncontrollable, and were therefore shut down.

The G6, built using the same design as its predecessors but included an experimental interface that allowed it to learn and adapt while maintaining emotion and conscience. The resulting model was everything Montag had wanted: a fully sentient android superhero.

Excited by the success of Cynome, Montag devised a superhero team that would become Omega 8, using his creation as the first addition.

Cynome appears as a normal woman, except for her metallic complexion and robotic eyes. She can fly and has strength far beyond that of an average human, as well as a near limitless information processor.