Jack Walton, known as The Broken Boy, is a Queen City-based hero and member of The New Knights. His powers result from his body-sharing arrangement with Irago, an exiled demon lord from the Hell Dimension.

Broken Boy appears to be a young adult, but he's actually nearly 60 years old.

Jack Walton was born in December of 1988 in the 'Southside Slums' neighborhood of Queen City. He was raised by his mother Anna and his stepfather Trevor, and after his mother's death Trevor took full custody. Walton was badly abused by his stepfather for most of his childhood, leaving him emotionally and physically damaged for all of his adult life.

Walton was a drifter for most of his life, wandering aimlessly and living on the streets of Queen City. He remained depressed and alone for years, finally deciding to end his life on his 50th birthday. As he attempted to kill himself, he was visited by a mysterious man named Mr. Six who offered him a second chance at life. Six offered to send him back into his younger body, so long as he took a demon with him. Walton, completely unhappy with his life, agreed. He found himself as a twelve-year-old again and met the demon Irago. Together, they escaped from Walton's stepfather and set out to help those in need.

A few years later, after he'd adopted the Broken Boy moniker, he was recruited into The New Knights by Matriarch.